Habebes is back!

After a brief hiatus Habebes is back! Serving up fresh food since 1986, we're back to satisfy your salad cravings and wrap up some freshness. 

We're here for the VEGANS, the GLUTEN FREES and we're also HALAL FRIENDLY! If you have ANY dietary restrictions, just ask and we, the Habebes Gods, will try and provide.

The Caravan is set up at Queenstown Mini Golf on Brecon Street Mon - Fri, 12-4pm. Follow us @HabebesTakeaway for updates! 

Please email HabebesTakeaway@gmail.com if you want us to cater your event!


34 Brecon St, Queenstown. 

A bustling central location a very short walk from the town center with sunny outdoor seating as well as coffees available from our neighbors Latin Cakes and why not have a round of mini golf?


Goes to our brand new PR manager Mr Herbert, to know him is to love him, they say. He does nap on the job quite a lot though.

Catering? Covered

If you need catering for your next event we'd love to help; weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, charity fundraisers, 3rd birthday parties, vegan enthusiast gatherings. 

Click THIS LINK to complete our enquiry form and we'll be in touch.

Snow Machine, what a time!

We're had a blast at the Snow Machine Arena!

A huge first for us and we enjoyed the chaos, the tunes and the happy hungry faces. 

If you're looking for a food truck for your big event, give us a bell! We learnt some big lessons from the first one so we're ready!

Salad Bowls


Vegan Pies